They used to be more alive than dead- my favorite rock guitarists.  I was counting on my fingers on the bus this morning and I came up with 5 obvious picks:

Tony Iommi – alive
Roger Miller – alive
D Boon – dead
Eddie Hazel – dead
Ron Asheton – dead

Asheton tipped my life/death scale yesterday when he was found dead in Michigan. Isn’t that a great phrase, “found dead.” I think the AP started that one to sterilize us, but keep us interested.  He was found, like a piece of treasure!

I’m sure all the fuzzheads are out there listening to The Stooges and Fun House– last night I put on The Complete Fun House Sessions and listened to take after take, getting all the takes and all the angles on one of my favorite albums of all time.  I don’t need to say how great it is. I don’t need to say how great Asheton is, or, was.

Fuck that, I’m gonna use the present. Fun House is in the present and his guitar playing was very much in the present, if anything it was a future tense- at least 10 years future, and I would go so far as to say his guitar is still a future tense.  We have not yet caught up to him.

Maybe someday we will.