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Let’s Call It Love

Sleater Kinney Live @ The Metro in ChicagoOctober 6, 2005 This is a bootleg of Sleater Kinney in 2005 touring The Woods. Although I was able to see them a couple of times before 2005, I missed them on their tour after the last album. This was a big mistake, because The Woods might be [...]

Islands Live @ YWCA 12-07-05

Ok, well I’m tired and want to watch Pick of Destiny for the third time because I love it (shut up I’m allowed to have my own opinions about stuff, that’s why I have a blog) , so lets make this quick. Anyway, it’s Tigs and I promised you all (read: no one since no [...]

This is One Strange Town

This is one of my favorite Black Flag albums, live or studio. Most of the stuff is off of Loose Nut, though there is a 15 minute track with “Slip it in” and “Gimme Gimme Gimme”- the middle of it telling us all- who has the 10 1/2.Just like Tigs, I have a problem writing [...]

Unicorns Live @ Echo Lounge, Atlanta 3/2/04

Ok so here’s what I’m gonna do. Today I will post this Unicorns show. Tomorrow I will post an Islands show. Why did I need to tell you that? Because I don’t have much to say but have a blog and want to use it so I have to fill up space somehow. Anyway, if [...]

Darling, You’re Mean.

The Duke Spirit This band kicks ass. I would check them out here: The Duke SpiritThey are from the UK, they are new, and most likely they arebetter than the new bands you are listening to right now. That’s all I’ve got to say. Here is their first LP:

Closing in Right On You

Here are two bootlegs from the Screaming Trees. Both were found at Time for Light. The first is an early radio show from 87. The cover of “No Fun” is particularly excellent. The recording is pretty good. One song that I think is better than the studio version is “Orange Airplane.” October 18, 1987 Splat [...]

Broken Social Scene @ Ottawa Bluesfest 05

Here is a killer show by everyone’s favorite supergroup Broken Social Scene at (as the title of this article indicates) the Ottawa Bluesfest all the way back in 2005. I got this online a few months back, and I have no idea where from but it’s just a great show and it sounds awesome. Check out the set list, if you like BSS you’ll want to pick this upimmediatly, it has a great mixture of songs from their two main releases. If you have never listened to BSS before, now’s [...]

How Can You Want Me

Here is a nice Sonic Youth live show from the Riviera Theater in Chicago on October 5th, 1992. This show is from the Dirty-era of SY, and the set list definalty reflects this. Theresa’s Sound-world has always been one of my favorite SY tracks, so that (along with the name of this bootleg) is the [...]

Primus at Roseland in New York 11/14/2003

This is a Primus show I went to a few years back on November 11, 2003. The band played Sailing the Seas of Cheese in its entirety as well as mix of other songs. The pink floyd cover of “In the Flesh” during “Is it luck?” is pretty cool. The newer song “Mary of the [...]

First Live Show

Well I figured I should post something since Adam had done everything so far. This is Tigs, if you didn’t already know and I’ve decided to post Nirvana’s First Live show as my first post and the first music post so far. This is the legendary concert from March 7th(supposidly) 1987 at a house part in Seattle. To quote the review from, “This is the kind of disc that makes people [...]