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My God Can Beat Up Your God

Mission of BurmaOctober 16, 2004Cat’s CradleCarrboro, NC Set 1IntroMicaThe SetupFallingNicotine BombThis is Not a PhotographEinstein’s DayFake BloodWounded World2wiceMax ErnstAcademy Fight Song Set 2TremoloThe EnthusiastPeking SpringInto The FireTrem TwoDirtSpider’s WebWhat We Really WereThat’s When I Reach For My RevolverFame and FortuneThat’s How I Escaped My Certain FateYouth Of AmericaThe Ballad of Johnny Burma

Hüsker Dü Live

Post 2: Hüsker Dü. Ah Hüsker Dü, another one of my favorite bands of all time. These guys knew how to…I was gonna write about how awesome they were and how much they rock, but you know what, just listen for yourself. It’s tough writing reviews about these bands without just praising them the whole [...]

The Replacements

Adam has been posting some awesome stuff, so I need to post some stuff too. Post 1: ‘Mats. Who doesn’t love the Replacements? I don’t know, but I know that my old boss loved them and gave me a bunch of stuff. Here are four discs of stuff that’s all pretty awesome. First up we [...]

And I’m Wondering Who Could Be Writing This Song.

Here it is. 77 Syd Barrett songs. I compiled all of the Syd Barrett I am aware of into one file. This isn’t every recording of every song, but all the basics are covered.I know of one song, “Rooftop in a Thunderstorm Row Missing the Point” which is missing, and I have never heard it. [...]

Beethoven Never Did This

Play a concert in Asbury Park, that is.Black Sabbath, however, did.Here it is, from 1975, Black Sabbath in their absolute finestness.And I know this bootleg has been around the block a few times, but I like it so much I want everyone to have it. Live at Asbury Park, New Jersey 1975 Here is another [...]

The Descendents

(photo from Still Hungry – Enjoy Sessions & Live 1985 I love the Decendents, they’re one of my favorite bands ever, right behind Pavement. I can say so much about them, but it would all be biased and praise and no one wants to read fan boy shit all day on blogs, so here’s [...]

Lightning Bolt Rock Your Face

(photo from I’m pretty sure that the title of this post says it all. Lightning Bolt, for those of you who don’t know them, are a two piece group from RI, they never play on stage only on the floor, and they’re louder, faster, harder and more amazing than anything you’ve heard before. Lightning [...]

Vegetable Man, Where Are You?

Here you go, some albums that are pretty new and pretty good. Bad Wizard- Free and Easy (2001) Zen Guerilla- Shadows on the Sun (2000) The Quarter After- The Quarter After (2005) Icarus Line- Penance Soiree (2004)

We Really Love the USA

the Smashing Pumpkins- Earphoria Here’s the release from a few years ago of various early live Pumpkins stuff. I like it, especially “Geek USA” and “Silverfuck.” That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say. “Sinfony” – 0:55 “Quiet” – 3:44 Recorded in Atlanta, 1993 “Disarm” – 2:56 Recorded on English TV, 1993 “Cherub Rock (Acoustic)” [...]

See You Hear You

Awesome Color- Awesome Color (2006)This band is from Brooklyn and they are probably the best wannabe Stooges band I’ve ever listened to. And that was not meant to be insulting, that’s a compliment. They’ve even got the horns down on the last track “Animal.”Last week I got the new Stooges album and, after being depressed [...]