Monthly Archives: April 2007

Six Hundred Sixty Six Miles Per Hour

Kyuss Bootlegs I’ve got 3 Kyuss boots from 1995. The Austin, TX one has the best sound and best set of the three. I love hearing the Welcome to Sky Valley stuff live. Yep. Well, let me see what else I can add to this. Hmm. Some filler: Kyuss is a band from the desert. [...]

In Another Life I Was A Screen Door

So today, for your listening pleasure, I’ve decided to upload 3 Pavement Bootlegs (Green Around the Gills, Anybody Can Go, Summer Babe) that I have purchased over the years. Pavement is my favorite band and there are some great moments in these boots. All of them are great in their own way and they all [...]


Well, Kurt Vonnegut is dead. I can think of nothing better to do in response than listen to Black Flag. It seems to be the band I turn to when I’m pissed off. So, here are 3 Black Flag bootlegs that are all fucking good. My favorite it the 81 show, but the other two [...]

the Sun and the moon and the stars…

More like out of this world! Sorry, that was terrible. Anyway, I thought “what the hell, let me post something awesome and different instead of another Nirvana bootleg.” This is a live Sun Ra recording from March of 68 at the Electric Circus in NY. The sound quality leaves something to be desired, which isn’t [...]

Out of the Blue and…

Into the Black (obviously). Adam’s been carrying the site for a while, so I decided to stop being lazy and do something. Here it is, every Nirvana fan’s dream. This is the bootleg box set to have, six discs of Nirvana. The first two discs are demos and sessions, which have an amazing assortment of [...]

Fucking…uh…Silver Fucking

Smashing Pumpkins – Live at the Unicorn in Milwaukee-June 10, 1992 This is a good bootleg because it mixes Gish and Siamese Dream, you can listen to people talk about the songs as they are being played, Billy Corgan doesn’t seem like a complete asshole, there is a cover Blue Oyster Cult, and even, a [...]

The Bullet That Goes Ripping Right Thru Your Brain

Here it is fuckers, the last Black Flag show ever. I know this is probably the most circulated Black Flag bootleg, but I wanted to post it because it’s another last show by a band. It’s in Detroit. It’s on 06.28.86. Enjoy.

Oh, You’ve Got the Darkest Eyes

Here is the last Sleater Kinney show ever. Unfortunately, I was not there. There were two final shows at the Crystal Ballroom, and this is the second one from August 12, 2006. The whole thing is great, though I think The Woods stuff live is fucking awesome. And that is about it. Hope you enjoy.Thanks [...]