Monthly Archives: September 2007

King Bee

Well, I’m a king bee.I decided to trace the evolution of the song “I’m A King Bee” originally written by Slim Harpo. Many bands have done it, each with their own little spin on the song. I’ve got everyone from Muddy Waters to Syd Barrett to the Blues Brothers. You might hate the song if [...]

Wake Up!

The MinutemenI’ve got three Minutemen boots here. Listening to the 3-9-83 show (the best quality of the three) I am again realizing how fucking amazing D. Boon is. I was looking up some things online about him, and he’s # 89 on Rolling Stone’s list of best guitarists of all time. The list is complete [...]

Fix Me

I know we’ve been on hiatus for a while, but let’s see if we can start it up again. I had no idea people have been asking us to repost a lot of boots because of dead links. The megaupload links don’t seem to be dead, just the sendspace ones. So, hopefully all the dead [...]


I don’t care if no one is reading. I don’t care if I am screaming at no one. This band fucking rocks. Ape City R&B. I’ve got 4 songs (3 of which you can get at the bands myspace) and they are the only 4 songs I have ever heard of this band. I’d like [...]