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Shit we hear at Concerts #3 & #4 + a Bonus

Sorry it took so long for us to post these, but umm…yeah here they are: All Points West Day 1: “Did you ever see that Family Matters where they go to court and they all go ‘No no no no no no no no no.’” All Points West Day 2: “It was really a Yellow [...]

We’ve Gone Lossless

Which I think just makes me a bigger loser. If anyone wants any of these concerts that we recorded and posted here in lossless format let me know. I am currently seeding Radiohead’s saturday night set and the Vaselines set in flac format on Radiohead 2008-08-09: Vaselines 2008-07-09: It’s free to sign up, and [...]

RADIOHEAD Live @ All Points West Saturday 08-09-08

Track List: 1. Reckoner 2. 15 Step 3. National Anthem 4. Kid A 5. All I Need 6. Nude 7. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 8. Where I End and You Begin 9. The Gloaming 10. Faust Arp 11. No Surprises 12. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 13. The Bends 14. Bangers and Mash 15. Everything In Its Right [...]

RADIOHEAD Live @ All Points West Friday 08-08-08

Set:1. 15 Step 2. There There 3. Morning Bell 4. All I Need 5. Lucky 6. Nude 7. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 8. The Gloaming 9. Optimistic 10. Videotape 11. Reckoner 12. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 13. You And Whose Army? 14. Idioteque 15. Climbing Up The Walls 16. Bodysnatchers 17. How To Disappear CompletelyEncore 1: 18. [...]

Let’s Get Depressed!

Let me start off with a story: When I was 9 I was walking to my grandmothers house with my mom. She doesn’t live very far, just one town over: go down a hill, right, right, up a hill, left, STOP, there. On one of the side streets, about 1/4 of the way down the [...]

Goal and Actualities

Goals for tonight:1) Edit the Radiohead show from tonight2) Make a track listing3) Write review of All Points West Day 1 for ShortWave Actualities:1) Posting the show as a whole, including the first few mins that is just Adam and myself making fun of Thom Yorke. Sorry. Those mins could have been used at the [...]

King Khan and the BBQ Show at Santos 8/4

Day 3 King Khan and the BBQ Show K-Holes Red Dawn II Crypt Records 25th Anniversary Santo’s Parts Place is a 3 level club owned by Andrew WK. The show was advertised as $10, but when we got there the slew of bouncers and hip girls with clipboards told us it was only 10 if [...]

Banana Fight at McCarren Park Pool

Day 2 Sunday, August 3, 2008McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint Tall FirsKing Khan and His ShrinesDeerhunterBlack LipsMcCarren Park is a very cool place to see a show. Free, an empty chipped up pool, slip n slide, dodgeball, and beer. The show wasn’t loud enough, but my ears may have been split open from the night [...]

Monotonix at the Bodega 8/2/08

Saturday, August 2. To start the 3 day concert series, Evelyn, Mike, Jo and I ventured out to Brooklyn to see the crazy Tel-Avivians Monotonix. The place was called the Bodega, and it looked like just that from the outside. Inside the place was gutted and some nice graffiti covered the walls. The money was [...]

Here it is: #2Last night at Andrew WKs dance party house Santos Party House for King Khan and BBQ show, a guy behind us to his girlfriend when the opening band the K-Holes walked on stage. “they’ve got a female bassist. that’s a rare breed.”then evelyn said: “it’s not even rare to be a female [...]