Monthly Archives: September 2008

My Bloody Valentine Live @ Roseland Ballroom 9-23-2008

It was loud, I’ll give them that. But making people wait an hour before they come out onto stage when all the gear is set up and has been ready to play the whole fucking time? That’s just pretentious shit. I guess they figured everyone waited 16 years for them to get together and play, [...]

Adam Gets Modern and Paranoid

Imaginary Icons Vivian Girls Awesome Color Cake Shop 9-19-08 I’ve never been against iPods as many of my friends would tell you. I’m more against headphones in general. I believe music should be played loudly out loud so the neighbors can listen too. Why not spread the joy of Slayer to the entire Bronx? I [...]

Fuck the New York Times

Today is Thursday. I was sitting at work and a Monday New York Times was lying there while I was eating lunch, so I picked it up and starting roaming. A tiny picture of J. Mascis caught my eye in the Arts section. I started reading about the Fender Jazzmaster Anniversary show last weekend with [...]

C I A Man

I went to see the new Coen brothers movie Burn After Reading last weekend. I was a little unsure of it at times, but by the end I thought it was great. It came together beautifully. The last scene was the funniest. I stand up ready to leave, but the best part of the movie [...]

Double Nickels on the Dime: Complete Lyrics

September 3rd “ah this indeed is music- this suits me” – Walt Whitman I spent the last four hours listening to Double Nickels on the Dime by the Minutemen with the goal of collecting all the lyrics and posting them to this site. Let me try to explain my day and how I got to [...]