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Nothing is new. Nothing is original. Rock nRoll is great if you’ve got epicycles. My theory on all of life, actually: EPICYCLES! You are doing it all the same as everyone else, but you make a little turn, a little spin. It’s amazing how big this little spin can make or break a band. And [...]

The Island of Boris, i.e. Japan

Concerts are boring.  I think I first realized this at the back of a widening mosh pit at NIN a few years ago.  Trent Reznor was up front flexing his muscles and fisting himself, much of the crowd doing the same.  I swore off concerts that night.  My neck hurt.  The beers were small and [...]

SABBATH BOOK REVIEW, or: Trying Really Hard to be a Literary and Music Scholar

BOOK REVIEW Master of Reality by John Darnielle 2008 Continuum Publishing 33 1/3 Series #56 Since 2003, Continuum Books have been releasing a music series called 33 1/3.  Each book focuses on one single album released in the past 50 years or so.  There aren’t many rules for how the writer handles the album, other [...]