Monthly Archives: December 2008

Where the Hell is my Start Menu?

Luddite? Shit no! Not anymore. This is what its front of me———> it’s called an iMac …and it’s scaring the shit out of me.  It’s so damn big.  Why is everything so easy to use?  And that’s not even the large looming question.  Here it is: why did it take so long?   I guess I [...]

The Bach Fest & Daniel Johnston

So merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. It has been an exciting few days, no? Those of you who have had family functions to go to over the last few days know what I am talking about. The holidays bring out the best in people, it is true, but for every moment that people [...]

Johnny Tigs Stops Listening To Music

Well it’s been almost three months, only a hand full of concerts and not a single post to talk about it. Well I AM SORRY! Adam is way better at keeping up than I am, but if you read my latest post on the bedroom I am going to try and get my shit together [...]

Looking Forwards, Moving Backwards

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks catching up with all the releases of this past year. The plan was to write a one sentence album review for all the albums I listened to. I did some of them. They aren’t good. I like to ramble too much for the art of simplicity. As I compiled [...]