Monthly Archives: January 2009

Johnny Tigs Album of the Year Pick

There was no one in the world who cared less about the release of Chinese Democracy than me. Years in the making, months of studio time, more money wasted on it than I’ll ever see in my life. I had forgotten completely about CD until the day it came out. My first intent was to [...]

33 1/3 books

The list of book proposals is up on the 33 1/3 blog. 597 proposals! I’d like to see a lot of them become books, especially, umm, the one on Half Japanese… I know there’s not a big market for that book, but I wanted to do a proposal anyway.  And, guess what, someone noticed: [...]

They used to be more alive than dead- my favorite rock guitarists.  I was counting on my fingers on the bus this morning and I came up with 5 obvious picks: Tony Iommi – alive Roger Miller – alive D Boon – dead Eddie Hazel – dead Ron Asheton – dead Asheton tipped my life/death [...]