Monthly Archives: February 2009

Nouns by No Age.

Sometimes when I’m band hunting, I’ll have a few myspace pages up and I toggle their off/ on buttons along with starting/stopping my music player playing the album I’m currently hooked on. Lately: Pink Flag, Repeater, anything and always Love, and the new old classic Death- For The Whole World To See. I have to [...]

Two trains moving in parallel meet at infinity

I think that I am exhausted but I do not think that I am awake

Fugazi Economics

Fugazi means Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In. Nam slang is what Wikipedia says. Says its a backronym, meaning it was a word and then the letter by letter labels were applied to it. Its not like SCUBA or FEMA, more like GOD standing for Gentle Obese Dentist. Well, Wikipedia wasn’t alive when this video [...]

The Other World

I’ve never had a ghost follow me onto a train nor have I ever seen one on a train. There have been late nights riding the PATH train back into NYC that I feel as if the car is haunted because of the flickering lights that would completely shut off as the train comes to [...]

Dead Today: Lux Interior

That’s right. The Cramps are dead. Chalk ‘em up on the board. I only started listening to the Cramps a few years ago and Songs the Lord Taught us is still one of my most frequented albums…which judging by the most times I’ve played an album in the last 3 years, would make it in [...]

R.I.P. Adam

Wait, wait, no! I’m still alive and well. I know my last post was almost a month ago, on January 12th, oddly enough the same day I started interning for the New York Press. What a fuckin’ sell out, right? I wanted to write a post callee RIP Adam because Tigs said he was going [...]

Skate 2, the Devil, and me

This is a long one, sorry. I haven’t played a sports game in a long time. I used to pick them up occasionally: Madden one year, NCAA Football the next, sometimes NHL… maybe play it for a day or so and then move on to the next game. Replayability was never about difficulty for me, [...]