Monthly Archives: March 2009

Those Fucks

I picked up the Condo Fucks album on vinyl, "why not, " I thought. I like using my record player. I like to think that records can carry a greater sound than a CD is capable of and whenever I see an album on vinyl now a days I am more likely to pick it [...]

Brand New Era

I heard some of that new U2 album. It’s weird listening to old Radiohead albums like The Bends and Pablo Honey and really seeing how much they wanted to be U2. Even during a lot of OK Computer it is just obvious that Thom is doing a Bono impersonation.  I love Radiohead to death and [...]

Roky Erickson Baseball Hat

Demon is up in the attic to the left My eye turns to the left to say, “no” You said, “First, I am the special one.” I never hammered my mind out I never have the bloody hammer I never have the bloody I never have the bloody hammer I am the doctor I am [...]