Monthly Archives: June 2009

A Review of Sonic Youth’s The Eternal

Here’s my review of the new Sonic Youth album I’ve been listening to on and off for a couple weeks: The first line of the new Sonic Youth album The Eternal is “I want you to levitate me.” The last line of the new Sonic Youth album The Eternal is “I want you to sign [...]

Last Lines

I was giving the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest another try the other day and I couldn’t come up with the last line of the book, which flipped my wig in high school. The first line is easy. They’re out there. But the last line I blanked on. Mike came back with it: [...]

Adam Listens to PJ Harvey, Gets Mushy bout Past, Loses Pieces of Manhood

I enjoyed my track by track experiment yesterday. I did it again today. PJ Harvey’s Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea. 1. “Big Exit” I’ve only seen one shooting star in my life and it was while listening to this album.  I was driving my truck home from dropping Evelyn off at her [...]

Wire’s Object 47 is Too British

Since beginning my one album review a day last week, I missed a few days. I will catch up tonight and tomorrow and Wednesday. I hope. After being completely addicted to Wire for the past 6 months, I felt I was well versed enough in Pink Flag/Chairs Missing/154 I thought I would check out last [...]

Dark Meat

I’ve been sitting here listening to my new copy of Dark Meat’s Universal Indians I got at the Cake Shop show on Friday while looking up stuff about the band online. I came up with this: That’s right, a Death Star grill. The headline that led me to this was: Star Wars Death Star Grill [...]

Can you Pass the Rorschach Test?

Sixto Rodriguez. What a great name. This guy from Detroit made a couple records back in 70 and 71. His record name is simply Rodriguez, though he has been credited as Jesus (Hey! Zeus) Rodriguez. I just got his 1970 album Cold Fact. My first listen was 3 hours ago. I am on my 6th [...]

LITE- Live in New York, or, Adam Starts to Like Fuckin Math Rock

I’m not sure if I’ve ever written a record review before, so why start now? What I am going to do is listen to a different album every day and write on it. There is no reason for this, I just think I need to do it. A while back, Michael T. Fournier- the guy [...]