Monthly Archives: July 2009

Mmm, Mille Feuille

After Adam’s post about The Eternal I decided to go back and do a reverse chronological discography listen to all of the Sonic Youth albums, something I hadn’t done since the release of Sonic Nurse. Well needless to say with the release of the new Yo La Tengo album (not that I’ve listened to it [...]

What You Got There Dummy? Well, Only The Complete Richard Meltzer Blue Oyster Cult Lyrics!

That’s Right. Richard Meltzer is the rock crit I like. Unlike most music writing, you can read his shit and feel good because its not only about something worthwhile, it is worthwhile- and being about something worthwhile is the questionable part. He was good at bashing! He was good at expounding. Someone once told me [...]

Cutting Off Your Ears and Listening to Double Dagger’s More

It’s amazing the lens you listen thru. I really want to go to Baltimore, Maryland in a couple weeks to see Half Japanese play, but I can’t because it’s on a Friday and I have to work that Friday and Saturday. Jad Fair and Co. are playing their only listed show on the planet with [...]