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Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs of All Time Part 6: Michael Hurley, The Unholy Model Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick & the Clamtones – Midnight In Paris

The opening track to one of my top 5 of all time, desert island, if a meteor hit tomorrow and I was the only survivor- found a record player and a shit ton of records all in perfect condition what would I look for and/or play first albums (Have Moicy!, of course) is straight up [...]

Top 5 Half Not Japanese

Tigs has been doing great lists, so I’m gonna jump on the wagon and try one, too. This is the list of my favorite 5 songs Half Japanese covered on record. Half Japanese has done the absolute best covers during their long noisy career. I am not usually a fan of covers. I can probably [...]

Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs of All Time Part 5: The Grateful Dead – Dark Star

There isn’t enough that can be said about this song. Over 200 performances and each one of them completely different and amazing in its own way. Instead of blabbing on and on about it, here are my 30 (or so) favorite (in some sort of order) performances of Dark Star: 1. 03-01-1969 Fillmore West (Fillmore [...]

Punching Out of the Womb, Staying in the Grave

“I don’t feel bad for dead people” – Adam Wisnieski  from this post’s opening line, August 23, 2009. “I have before me a list of names: Circle Jerks, Flesh Eaters, Minutemen, Germs, Exploited, DOA, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Fear, Replacements, Really Red. Behind each one of these names in an album and behind each of [...]

Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs of All Time Part 4: The Clash – Complete Control

It’s a simple story really. The record company released The Clash’s song Remote Control without their consent. The Clash were pissed. Instead of sitting back and doing nothing about it they rock out this battle song about the struggle for artistic rights in a world where the distribution of the art is completely up to [...]

Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs of All Time Part 3: Nirvana – Lounge Act

By the time this track comes on you’ve already heard all of Side A. You moshed to Teen Spirit, sung along to In Bloom, held your head down and walked around to Come as You Are, jumped up and down to Breed, were stopped in your tracks by Lithium, pulled out your acoustic guitar during [...]

Extensions of the the Use: Weather

Damn it’s hot. I’m not sure when you listen to certain types of music or if you even think about it, but I think there’s a very complex habit that comes with my music choices that depends on the weather. Extensions of this being the month, and to a certain extent the time of day. [...]

Jay Reatard Can’t Do It Anymore

Whoever came up with “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” was an asshole. Check out this album cover, on the left, of the new Jay Reatard album Watch Me Fall. What a fucking horrible album cover. Is that Gollum? or Smeagol? Igor? Jay’s last album Blood Visions, aside from being one of the best [...]

Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs of All Time Part 2: The Mekons – Thee Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Another band you’re going to see a lot of tracks from on this unordered list. Give me a second…ahhh yeah. There it is. Thee Olde Trip, from the opening blistering whistle it’s impossible to deny the songs presence. Let me share a story: Back during one of my many years working at a book/music store [...]

Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs of All Time Part 1: The Ramones – Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

I don’t think I have to defend saying that I am picking the greatest songs of all time. Since no one reads this anyway who cares, and it’s all opinion and isn’t that why I have a blog? I better write these now before the shut down the net of all opinions and creative material. [...]