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Slayer Plays RISK Very Seriously

Check out Slayer’s World Painted Blood cover. It’s 4 covers that make up this map. I hope I get North America. Let the pussies get Australia because it’s the only way they can win.


A long while back I wrote a post about all these music epiphanies hitting me at once in a long dramatic post about police brutatlity, kansas city and the beatles white album. Well, I forgot one. While I was in Missouri I found an Alan Sherman record as I was diggin thru my friend’s LPs. [...]

10 Uses for Shellac

Been listening to the discography of Shellac nonstop for three days now. Found a site online with the above picture and a list of 10 uses for Shellac. I don’t need to restore old hardware, nor do I own any old hardware, so I made my own list of uses. Try it, it might save [...]

The Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse (John, Paul, George and Ringo) OR: I Hate George Martin

The Beatles albums were all re released and "re mastered" (some would use quotes, the only album I’ve listened to has been The White Album (or Beatles to all you perfectionists out there) and it sounded pretty good to me) this week. It’s a big deal, supposedly. It’s something that fans have been screaming for [...]

The Best Music Video Ever (or something)

So maybe I’m just on a Replacements kick but here is the greatest music video of all time for your viewing pleasure: Bastards of Young (off of Tim) Replacements – Bastards Of Young – The top video clips of the week are here

A Haiku By My Ears After A Motorhead Show

buzzzz zzzzzzz zzzz zzzzzzzz zzz zzzzzzzz zzzing zzz zzzz zzzzzz bzzzzz zzzzz shhhh zzzz wehhhh zzzzzz zzzzz

10 Funkadelic Basslines that Are Better Than the Bassline In Your Head Right Now

During my bass research, I came across a few lists of best bassists, best basslines, best basses, etc. Stylus magazine has a top 50 basslines list. Some messageboards have nerds arguing if Jeremy by Pearl Jam is better than Money by Pink Floyd. Who really give a shit about those asswhipes. Do they even have [...]

Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs Of All Time Part 7: Rza – Samurai Showdown

I do prefer the Japanese import of the Ghost Dog soundtrack to the US version, except for this song. The song is identical one both except the US version has an extended intro with Rza saying, “Grab you guuUuuUuUuUuUUuuuuun.” Priceless. The song opens with a very smooth beat, one to meditate off of, with Rza [...]

15 Replacements Lyrics That May Or May Not Have Changed Rock Forever

“I hate music, it’s got too many notes!” – I Hate Music (Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out The Trash) “Gimmie Noise! Gimmie Noise! Gimmie Noise! Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise Noise” – Gimmie Noise (Stink) “I hate your answering machine.” – Answering [...]

The Bass

I’m listening to the fIREHOSE discography this week. Only fIREHOSE. All week. Doing this, I discovered a promo CD Watt put out called Big Bottom Pow Wow. It’s got a few fIREHOSE leftover songs and in-between spiel about the bass. This is what’s written on the cover: Interchords featuring Mike Watt, Cris Kirkwood, Flea & [...]