Monthly Archives: January 2010

fIREHOSE Project Part II: The project already begins to get a little tedious, though not in the listening, only in the analyzation. You can’t dance while you analyze: “if’n” 1987

If’n I list’n to critics, it’s with a fucking pound of salt. Actually, more like a mound of salt and I got one up the street from me where the Parks Department keeps all its street salt for the Bronx. I think the expression needs grain because it implies it’s meaningless, but fuck, even that [...]

The Weeds Hacked Away

Sometimes its John Coltrane. Sometimes its Son House. And not just old jazz or older blues guys. Sometimes its Wire. Today and yesterday, it’s Skip James. I was cleaning house, the bi-annual check up, and I mean my computer, and while I was transferring files to my external hard drive and deleting shit I’ll never [...]

My fIREHOSE Project

A Lazy Introduction to My fIREHOSE Project I’ve got a credit card bill on my desk flipped over with ONLY FIREHOSE written in big black letters. It’s there to force me to listen to fIREHOSE instead of immediately turning to the Minutemen’s What Makes a Man Start Fires? or Double Nickels for my Mike Watt [...]

It’s called Consistency…I think

I had a whole other post mostly written then my phone deleted the whole thing but I decided to start another instead. I’ve spent most of my day between listening to George Clinton (in honor and excitement of purchasing tickets for the Feb 21st show at BB Kings) and Kate & Anne McGarrigle. I was [...]

Thoughts of the day

So here I am at work. I should be paying more attention to what I am supposed to be doing but I need a bit of a break. My mind is going crazy with database junk right now. As I try and build my first professional grade website with full original content management system, new [...]

Keep it Going: Adam Does A Top 10 for 2009

Ah Fuck it, I’m doing a top 10 for 2009. If anything, it’ll be something nice to look back on to see how twisted my brain was and is and will be many years from now. A jumping off point, right? I tried to think of a list of top anything films of the decade [...]

Johnny Tigs Picks a Tentative Top 10 Films of the Decade List

So I’ve been thinking, with all these lists flying around everywhere, why not put together a top films of the decade list. I’ve been thinking a lot about this one, films have come and gone from the list. I’ve decided to keep this at 10, it’s in some sort of order. I’m sure this will [...]

Top 100 of the 00s, by Chris (not Adam)

Chris here, uploading my top 100 albums of the 2000s on Adam’s user name (thanks, Adam). When it comes to a great album, I was thinking the most important thing is that I be able to listen to it start to finish and love every second of it.  I can’t claim expertise on every single [...]