Monthly Archives: February 2010

fIREHOSE Project Part III: FROMOHIO, Bothering Strange Eds and Edwinas, Not much about the actual 1989 Album, Watt on Recording FROMOHIO in OHIO, Drunk Russian Sailors forgetting to Tune UP

The previous parts to this project were mostly about pulling apart what other people said about fIREHOSE the band and the fIREHOSE albums. My opinions, although mostly positive, were based off of putting others down. To be more constructive, I decided to venture to the heart of the album and to the heart of its [...]

FUCKO: It’s Blitz by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I was sitting in the back of McShane’s car going to see Mission of Burma or going to band prac. I can’t remember which. After bashing Rolling Stone together, Mike asked me if I could write for them, would I? I said I couldn’t write for Rolling Stone because I was too angry not to [...]

The Ink Spots

I don’t even know how to begin to explain to you what those above pictures are. I think this is the best movie ever made. It’s called Logorama and I found out about it because of the Academy Awards. Fuckin A, right? It was nominated for best short animated film. Directed by French animation group [...]