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A Record Review Disguised as a Ramble on Something or Some Such Noise, Kim Gordon Playing With Herself, Thurston Moore Playing With Himself, Orphan, Roky Erickson Has Always Been Here Before

Part I: THE OMEN People hand me scraps of paper. Sometimes napkins. I’d say about 1/4 of the slobs that walk into the library for information, which is about 1/4 of the total visiting population, don’t say anything at first, they hand me their crumpled little piece of paper and wait. On Friday I got [...]

fIREHOSE Project Part IV: Adam Lives Up to His Promise of Poetry, Six Haiku(s) on Flyin’ the Flannel, It Ain’t Sell Out on Both Counts

So at the end of my fIREHOSE Project, Part III, I said I would write a review of Flyin’ the Flannel in haiku. It was a joke because this fIREHOSE thing has taken on a new life of it’s own and at the time it seemed like the only logical next step after harrassing an [...]

Adam Tries The Life of a Record Reviewer, Songs for Moms, An Excellent Quote about SPIN Magazine, An MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 called “Expendable”

“Why would I want to write for SPIN? I can’t even write out the band name Fucked Up let alone write that Fucked Up’s last record fucking sucked ass.” -Me (Today) So the fine people over at Starcleaner Records sent me a bunch of their back catalog to check out and possibly write about. So [...]

Mission of Burma’s The Sound the Speed the Light, a Motorhead Complex, Pillaging Opinions and Opining Pillages

A common thing for assholes to say is “Oh man, listen again. It’s has to GROW on you.” These are the same jerks that tell you that a band like Animal Collective will somehow become interesting if you listen to them enough times, slowly taking over your chief motor functions like some weird unidentified fungus [...]

A Hepster Could Kill a Motherfucking Hipster

“I never forgave Alan Marshall after that, or Cab Calloway, either, for saying the shit that he said in that article. Those things cost us all pain and suffering. A lot of people he talked about never recovered from what he said, because he was very popular back then and everybody listened to what he [...]