Monthly Archives: September 2010

Albums that I Listened to in High School I Still Listen to Today #1 – Milo Goes To College

Maybe I’ve never grown up (get it?), or maybe I’ve just never found a better album. The Descendents Milo Goes to College was and is one of the seminal works in punk history and easily my most listened to album of all time. You ever have a bad day? Pretty broad question, right? We all [...]

Tjutjuna? I hardly know her!

I’ve been listening to a lot of Tjutjuna as of recent. It’s all instrumental space rock that decends into chaos and then back to space rock just in time for you to hit the bong and get back into it. 7 songs, done in about 35:20, with only 2 of those songs extending beyond the [...]

Todays Playlist

Instead of my very long rant about, “blah blah blah both myself and “indie” rock sure have put on a lot of extra weight these past few years blah blah blah,” I leave you with just the playlist. Very simple: Master of Puppets, repeat

Shit we heat at concerts: Pavement – Central Park 9-22-10

“It’s like God is watching the concert with us” – the guy behind me as lightning flashes during Range Life

So where have I been?

Working. Finally. It’s not even a real job, but it is a job. Working for a “indie” music webstore (now owned by a major label, I shower numerous times a day) you’d think I’d be listening to music all the time finding out the latest and greatest artists. Not really. Most of the time I’m [...]

Johnny Tigs Writes?!?!?!?!

That’s right! Not only am I not dead, I’ve been working for the first time in over a year (please pardon the extended absence) and now for the first time in forever, I’ve written something! And it’s semi official too. The good(?) people at insound are letting me write a few times a month. I’m [...]