Monthly Archives: November 2010

Short Wave Gamin: Blizzcon Update #2: Watching Starcraft 2 Is Like Crack

this ends with a henry miller quote.

at first it was patti smith. now its keith richards who i want to die. he’s fucking everywhere like she was everywhere, without ever really putting anything out there for years. everywhere i turn, there he is. he’s in movies, in bookstores, interviewed by this dipshit and that dipshit, on tv shows, in magazines with [...]

Random Insound Junk Review

So this week I didn’t review an album. In a more holiday gift guide type of mindset I reviewed a set of rechargable speakers, which I own and use a lot because I’m too lazy and broke (see my I Buy Too Many Games post which broke the bank and I haven’t recovered from yet) [...]

Top to Bottom to Top: Tricky’s Mixed Race

I’ve never hid my insane fan-boy love for Tricky, but I’ve also more or less fallen off the bandwagon after a few years of disappointment. If anyone ever brings up Maxinquaye I instantly have found a new friend and start talking their ear off about Pre-Millennium Tension, Juxtapose, and Angels With Dirty Faces. I can’t [...]

That’s Odd, Usually the Blood Gets Off At the Second Floor: My Experience Through Blood Manor

I was fucking terrified and we hadn’t even left dinner yet. I had built up this insane, warped tour through numerous rooms of blood-soaked mayhem, where deranged, sociopathic creatures lurked through the halls, following you closely and bringing your heart to a screeching halt in less than a second. And I’m proud to say I [...]

Blame It On The Rain

Yes I’ve been deep into Game Dev Story and that’s why I didn’t post at all yesterday. In fact, if it wasn’t for Kat calling me last night I may never have realized it was after midnight. Today is just a blah kind of day. I’m expecting to slip and fall on the way home, [...]

Hooray for you

Wednesdays are good days. I get a lot done on Wednesdays. I sleep late because most times on Tuesdays, like yesterday, I work about 16 hours straight with a few slap myself or throw water in my face breaks and then get very drunk. So Wednesdays are thinking days. Rest days. I got a lot [...]

Music With Similar Parts: Fucked Up’s Year of the Ox

Fucked Up has been releasing EPs for the last 4 years pertaining to the Chinese Zodiac year that it is, and they say they will continue until they have finished all of the signs. I hope so, not so much to keep hearing these EPs but more so they stay a band the whole time [...]

Short Wave Gamin #6: Game Dev Story

It’s pretty obvious that my week-or-so long departure hasn’t been completely covered. I’ve covered about 2 days of it. The rest of the time…well that was devoted to Game Dev Story, an iPhone/iPad game that has completely eaten away at all of my free and non-free time. I can’t remember the last time I was [...]

Short Wave Gamin #5: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Oh Kirby, who knew you could be even cuter then you already were. It’s been almost 7 years since the last Kirby game came out, Kirby’s Air Ride, and the droves of Kirby fans have been patiently waiting for another game. You don’t really hear too much outcry when a new Kirby game isn’t introduced, [...]