2011, an Addendum

I’m not one to argue with Adam’s picks, partly because even if I disagree with him at the moment, in time I will eventually come around to see that he was correct, and partly because he can be angry fucker and scary to boot, so EVERYTHING HE SAID IS CORRECT, in particular about the Mike Watt pick, and an added thanks goes out to Mr Watt himself for the SWR nod. That being said there are a couple of other awards that I would like to add to our 2011 picks of best whatevers.

2011’s 2010 Album of the Year:
Lobi Traore – Bwati Kono

Still fresh as the first time I heard it. If you haven’t listened to it, you have to now. Post-humously released, the greatest guitar player of the past who knows how long’s swan song, if I could understand what he was saying I bet I would be putting the lyrics as my away messages. And yes, I still use away messages.

Honorable Mention:
Titus Andronicus – The Monitor

Country Album of the Year:
Merle Haggard – Working in Tennessee

So good I bought it twice. Merle has been doing this longer than most of us will do fucking anything in our lives, and that’s saying something. He probably should have been dead 15 times over at this point, but he keeps going and keeps creating the best albums of his carrer. 74 years old and he hasn’t missed a step once. Well maybe a couple of times inbetween there were stumbling points but it has never been enough to quit outright. From the anti-Nashville song to the anti-Rebel song to the pro-Nashville burning song and everything in between this album is a metaphor of why you should never stop doing what you love. And Willie’s on it. Too bad his latest didn’t hit like this.

Honorable Mention:
Willie Nelson – Remember Me, Vol 1

Old Bastard Album of the Year:
Paul Simon – So Beautiful or So What

The main difference between this and SMiLE is that I knew SMiLE would be great, and I didn’t expect to like this new Paul Simon album at all. I didn’t at first, it took a few listened to really fall into it. Infinity shrouded in melancholia, what’s not to love?

Honorable Mention:
The Beach Boys – SMiLE

Non-English Language Album of the Year:
Cornershop & The Double ‘O’ Groove of…featuring Bubbley Kaur

There isn’t much more I could say about this album. When I listen to an album and forget that I can’t understand a thing that is being said and enjoy it just as though I was fluent, and feel as though I have some deeper understanding of what is going on just by the force, music, and vocal distinction that is present…I forget what I was going to say. It’s fucking righteous. That is all.

Honorable Mention:
Generation Bass Presents: Transnational Dubstep

Hip Hop Album of the Year:
Das Racist – Relax

It took some time but this album grew on me. My inital listenings had me praising the first half of the album and throwing out the rest. Now I can’t stop listening the final 3 new tracks (Rainbow in the Dark was originally on Shut Up, Dude) warts and all. In fact the screw ups (are they even screwing up or was it intentional), the missteps, pop culture references, and the quotes from their previous two mixtapes make this easily the most endeering, interesting, intelligent, and just a fucking intense album of the year.

Honorable Mention:
Jay-Z / Kanye West – Watch the Throne

Please Shut the Fuck Up Album of the Year (Award to the album that people won’t stop talking about):
Bon Iver – S/T