Monthly Archives: January 2011

RIP Brendan

Brendan Majewski, the bassist of Orphan, died on Thursday. I’m really bummed. He was one of the best weirdest bass players I had ever heard. Here’s him in action from a show at Lit Lounge a while back.

Tuesday nights are death

I was trying hard to like the new No Age record Everything in Between. I got half of the way through. I wasn’t smiling. I put on Nirvana’s Bleach. I started to smile.

Goodbye 2010, you lousy wench

I’m looking through these 2010 BEST OF lists and I realize I haven’t listened to any of these albums. Or if I did, I listened once or halfway through, got bored, turned it off and then completely forgot they existed until they made it on the list of the greatest albums of the year (Black [...]

Sly Cooper and the Tiglias Raccoonus

JohnnyTigs writing for another another online publication? It cannot be true! But it is somehow. So check out my latest blog post over at

Another Insound Review

Yup, I’m still here and there, crazy right? I would have fired me months ago: