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Donate to Daniel

Just incase you want to donate to Daniel Johnston’s comic book fund here is the link: It’s already met it’s desired goal, but a little more can’t hurt. Could help with future issues? That would be fucking awesome.


Hahahaha thats the worst Tigs. Fuck Chuckie Cheese, those toys are never worth the number of skee ball tickets!! I hit the 100 hole 14 times! What the fuck is this hand clapper thing? And this harmonica doesn’t work! OK here’s mine: You know you’ve bought way too many tickets to Usher shows and other [...]

La De Da

You know you’re fat when Chuckie Cheese is sending you e-mails about their Salad Bar Deals. This is kind of a depressing day. HOW DID YOU KNOW CHUCKIE CHEESE!?!?! Super Nerdy D&D Article!

Head on over to to check out my latest article on D&D ensuring that if I didn’t already have a girlfriend I would never get one!

Insound Review for Yuck!

The latest article for Insound: It’s for the (new to me) band Yuck’s new album Yuck. Check it out (the album, fuck the review)  for some 90′s nostalgia.

PJ Harvey Video

After Adam’s glowing review I had to check out some of the new PJ Harvey. You should too, right here, The Words Maketh Murder:

New Radiohead “The King Of Limbs” Now Available for DOWNLOAD

Radiohead have released their new album on their website, much like the last one “In Rainbows.” The site specified that the downloads would be available Saturday, but thankfully it is already available for download. If you haven’t purchased it already, or are just looking to pick up your order, head on over to for [...]

HOLY MUCKRAKING SUCKING FHIT! Boris is releasing 3 new albums this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!^&!!!!!!!!! And as for SMiLE, I’m partial to the Purple Chik version myself. Have you heard that one Tigs? I haven’t listened to pretty much, any of the ones you listed, but I will download them post haste.

What if I take my problem to the United Nations?

I’m currently on my sixth listen, according to Monsieur iTunes. But that’s not counting the listens at work. And for “The Words that Maketh Murder,” I’m on number 12. Like they say about heroin, how you become an addict the first time you plunge, or at least cordin to the fuckos who cry about it [...]

Holy Shit Holy Shit HOLY MUCK FOTHERING SHIT!!!!! Of course, if you’re internet savvy enough you can hear any one of hundreds of SMiLE fan reconstructions, some of which are incredible and stand high above the Brian Wilson Presents version that came out a few years back. If you can find them, check out the Anne Wallace mix, Mok’s mix, Ryan Guidry’s [...]