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Pulnoc – Live at P.S. 122

If your life has been anything like mine then you have been searching up and down for this bootleg of a live performance from Pulnoc (former Plastic People of the Universe) for years. You’ve been hearing about it from your dad ever since this list was released. At the time your 7-year old brain couldn’t [...]

The View From Rafe’s Apt

Boris Island.

Yes, maybe the first thing I thought of when I saw the crazy shit happening in Japan was, “Holy shit! I hope BORIS is OK!” Two new Boris songs to sink those fangs into. One track is called “Hope.” This song is from Attention Please. Another track is called “Sugar.” This song is from Heavy [...]

Have You Seen My Shoe’s? Todd Snider’s Live: The Storyteller

You’ll be able to read this on another website soon, but who cares about them? SWR is always first! Todd Snider – Live: The Storyteller – INS90728 A live document of Todd Snider is a welcome addition to any collection. While his studio albums range from “pretty good” to “masterpiece” (East Nashville Skyline and The [...]

From the streets of Greenpoint

Too nerdy to ignore

Spike Driver

Happy Tuesday with some Mississippi John Hurt:

You sure look stupid in that green dress Lis.

It’s weird to see no one in this section of Brooklyn wearing any green at all, not even accidentally wearing green. Either no one knows or no one cares, but I guess this isn’t a very Irish section. Anyway, while walking back to work after taking a coffee break I saw a man sitting on [...]

GamerDork Article Up!

Well here is the next in my sure to be long line of articles no one reads on a site that I do not own! This time I went out on location, to the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center for the US Release party (or the waiting line to get into the party) of [...]

Are We Getting Older?

That was some deep ass shit, Adam. It’s definitely stuck with me since I read it. After my tirade I felt pretty bad about it and I couldn’t really figure out why. Maybe it was a little too mean or something, but I think it comes down to what you were saying, “you are not [...]

I’m a race horse. Trying not to be.

I think it has something to do with this song. I was on the subway with Evelyn the weekend before last weekend when it was warm going to Prospect Park to walk around before the Wild Flag show at the Rock Shop. I was standing and she was sitting. I was one of the only [...]