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Happy Monday

Happy Monday:

Committee is In

Hey Adam, are you listening to the live stream of (what I think is) Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 on ? What do you think so far? I’m enjoying the hell out of it so far.

Creepy, Creepy, Crawly, Crawly

I think that the description of the video the original uploader left sums it all up: “boris live you fucks”

The Day After

Wow, what happened yesterday? Anyone remember? While it may be after noon here in NY, this is your wake up call:

Celebrate The Holiday With Short Wave Pt 26

Thanks for spending the time here all day everyone. It’s been a blast but all great things must end, for now. Never a good bye, but a see you later, come back any time, you’re more than welcome to stay but for now The Party’s Over :

Celebrate The Holiday With Short Wave Pt 25

The day is almost over! Thanks for spending so much time with us today, only one post left after this one to close out the day. So I’ll throw a few videos into this one. First up Tommy James and the Shondells performing Crimson and Clover : Next up the Grateful Dead performing St. Stephen [...]

Adam Interlude Pt 5 (SketchPad Version #3 (Shotgun Jellyfish Part A))

Hey Tigs. Excellent work. I haven’t even gotten thru all the videos yet.  Here’s another sketch. This one is stick man shooting a jellyfish on a beach. I think stickman represents myself, the shotgun represents a shotgun and the jellyfish represents the tireless turning of the world on its silly little axis. These are all [...]

Celebrate The Holiday With Short Wave Pt 24

Only a few posts left! This time we have Jefferson Airplane with Somebody to Love and White Rabbit :

Brief Interlude #7

Adam! I love the drawings! How big are they?? Those are some of the best on the site! The Bats one could be my favorite of all time, of any illustration ever. I’m fucking floored by it, it’s amazing dude! Thanks for sticking around folks, only a few hours left in the day. I hope [...]

Celebrate The Holiday With Short Wave Pt 23

Some more Stan Brakhage because I cannot watch enough! Glaze of Cathexis: