Monthly Archives: July 2011

George Clinton @ Beekman Beer Garden (in 5 words)

70 or 17, no matter: Listen to 2 hours in bad quality: George Clinton @ Beekman Beer Garden

The Tank Thong!

Love that ad up there. Very awesome Buddyhead!

The universe turned inside out

Imagine a better album: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band.

Driving back from Long Beach to the Bronx with Evelyn after we outsmarted the rain but could not outsmart traffic, I threw in an old burnt copy of Imagine Evelyn had in her CD book. Having avoided (or really, not accosted) by the overplayed song for what I believe to be years, I thoroughly enjoyed [...]

The Second Coming…..

A word of caution before reading this post: there will probably be more “Al” themed puns than you have ever read or will be comfortable with. You have been warned. Is this 6th grade? No? You say I’ve been out of grade school for over a decade and a half? Well I can honestly say [...]