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“Do you remember the first time that Sleater-Kinney broke up,” you’ll ask. “Yeah, those were the dark days. It was really a hiatus more than anything else,” you’re significant other will respond. “They weren’t all dark days though; Corin’s first album was really good. And Wild Flag was just an all around amazing group.” “Oh [...]

Vaz – Chartreuse Bull

A moment ago, “Sickle” faded out to end the new Vaz album titled Chartreuse Bull. I’ve had it on for the past 35 minutes, which not so coincidentally is the running time of the 11-track record. I was writing, or better yet, thinking about writing, or better yet, making notes about what I will (or [...]

Catherine Review

Hey all, if you’re feeling randy (that’s a thing right?) go check out my review of the new game from the good folks at Atlus Catherine over on!


Fifty Foot Floating Soldiers by adamw3377 I’m not a fan of the mash ups, mostly because they just make me want to listen to one or both of the bands/artists being melded together, and partly because it feels hokey.  Yet, I say all that and I still think Wugazi is pretty fucking FAN-tastic! Mashing Fugazi [...]