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From The Streets of Greenpoint 2

Nobody knows but Moses and me

Sometimes I get addicted to one song. That song runs through my veins for a few days, forever chiseled into the synapses of my mind the time and place and weather of when I got addicted to it. I’m definitely an “album guy,” if there were such a phrase. It’s most likely only a self-appointed [...]

Mastodon: The Hunter Visualizer (and full album stream)

On youtube now, and why not let’s embed it here!  


Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You Tigs, I’m sure you’ve heard this record already, digested it, know more about it than me, but I’ve only been listening on and off for a couple years. It’s my favorfite mumbly album of all time. Any I’m not a fan of the mumblers. Understated, gorgeous melodies. Two discs full [...]

New GamerDork article up!

I’m not sure why they haven’t just kicked me to the curb yet, but obviously it’ll happen sooner rather than later. So while you still can, check out my latest GamerDork article about the 3DS (if you’re into that sort of thing) here:

Around the World: Lobi Traoré – Bwati Kono

So Adam, have you heard of Lobi Traoré? I hate to admit it but I first heard of him after, and in fact because of, his untimely and unexplained death last year at the age of 49. This album, documenting two separate live recordings of the greatest guitarist you may not have heard of, is one of the most unique [...]

Black Gold

Adam I know you’re a big Wugazi fan, and you have to tell me how you were able to make that track because I’m dying to know man. Wugazi is sick, but have you heard Black Gold? Check it out man, it works insanely well. You’d never even know the songs were being mashed up.