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Skyrim and Impromptu Concert Live Stream OVER

Thanks for all who joined in and for asking me to play a couple of songs! And here is a list of all the people (in alphabetical order): Alex, thank you. Andrew, thank you. Ashley, thank you. Laura, thank you. See you guys in 2012!

Skyrim Live Stream RIGHT NOW

Yeah, that’s right. (Insert self deprecating comment here) Click here if the video below isn’t working Watch live video from johnnytigs on

Happy New Year, Everybody

The best punk album of the year is math rock

Gnarwhal – Duane This is music for the Two Thousand Teens. Frantic, disturbed, paranoid, unsettling punk played by four dudes from Nashville, Tennessee. The album is exhausting. To make it worse, or better really, it fills your head with questions. How does he play guitar like that? How do these guys play this stuff live? [...]

Worst Album Cover of the Year

Congratulations Foo Fighters! You have earned Short Wave Rockin’s worst album cover of 2011 award for Wasting Light. Keep up the good work, fellas. Almost forgot, a review of Wasting Light. Foo Fighters – Wasting Light  (RCA Records) Waste (And not this definition of waste: an act or instance of using or expending carelessly, extravagantly [...]

The Whole Love by Wilco

Feel like I’ve listened to this album for years, and I haven’t even listened to Wilco for years. Weird sounds inhabit this album. Layers upon layers of abnormal stuff. In desperation, I have pointed to the Beach Boys as an example of a band able to pull off the impossible task of playing catchy songs [...]

The year of the check plus, 2011

Was I hungrier this year? I don’t think so. I eat a lot every year. I did eat more jazz, though, even though I’m still very lost when it comes to knowing what’s good what’s great and what’s garbage. Let’s change this metaphor. I drank a lot of jazz this year, and I drank it [...]

What I did while I waited for my first Fugazi Live Series show to download

What I got: Fugazi – Amsterdamn, Netherlands, 9/16/99 Paid: $5 Why?: Wanted to hear “Number 5″ live and this setlist is out of this galaxy good. Lots of End Hits and the beginnings of The Argument. Dischord’s Fugazi Live Series is the best thing to happen in music this year. Check out a list of [...]

Microsoft Follows Suit

Much like Sony and EA did, Microsoft has updated their Terms of Service with the launch of their new Dashboard. The new TOS has users give up the right to pursue, or join, a class action lawsuit against the company for any reason. This terrible practice buried within dozens of pages of sleep inducing text [...]

Happy Ico Day, Fumito Ueda

The previous sketch is from Mr Ueda’s website It’s all that is there as of right now. It seems to be of the two protagonists of his next game The Last Guardian which I can  only hope comes out at some point before I die. Ico, Mr Ueda’s first game as Lead Designer, was [...]