2012: The Year In Music and the SWR Awards are About to Begin!

I was going to draw some award statue for this, then IĀ rememberedĀ I’m not Adam.

If the end of the year means anything other than giving out fake awards to artists and albums we listened to throughout the year but were to busy (read: lazy) to write about, then I don’t want to know about it! So for the next few weeks expect posts about some of our favorite (and least favorite) albums, artists, songs, etc of the year. I know we’ve been a bit slow recently, but that doesn’t mean we forgot. We’re just waiting in the weeds, as they say. So sit back, relax and start taking bets on who will bring home a Shorty! Let the games begin!

Oh and Adam, in case you’re wondering: I cheated, as I always do. Don’t be too surprised when you see everything scheduled.

(Adam’s note: The 2012 Shorty has been hereby crafted, out of solid ivory and adamantium)