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But it really doesn’t matter now

Sounds like a naked Fugazi. For whatever reason, I totally neglected the Evens first two records. Mistake. I’ve been playing both records, as well as the two new songs on repeat for the last two days. The duo has a new record on the way for later this year. Can’t wait. A new the Evens [...]

Ice Age versus Heavy Times

In 2011, two punk albums with similar philosophies, created on different contintents, came out. The first was lauded as one of the greatest best punk albums of modern post-post-punk times and all-around praised for breathing life into a genre (only assholes think) thought to be dead. That album was also included on many best of [...]

Mission of Burma obliterated MHOW

Mission of Burma at Music Hall of Williamsburg January 19, 2012 It’s time to stop calling Mission of Burma an influential band, as Bowery Presents offered up before the show via Twitter: “If you don’t already know why Mission of Burma is such an influential band, find out tonight at @MusicHallofWB.” Of course they are influential, [...]

Minutemen/Saccharine Trust 7-inch from 2011

Minutemen/Saccharine Trust split 7-inch 2011 Water Under the Bridge Records (San Pedro, CA) I thought I had the Minutemen cornered. I’ve got all their records, singles, lots of cruddy bootlegs, the We Jam Econo DVD. I know the Meltzer Minutemen scribblings. I know the Charles Plymell We Jam Econo masterful wonderpiece. I follow Mike Watt [...]

2011, an Addendum

I’m not one to argue with Adam’s picks, partly because even if I disagree with him at the moment, in time I will eventually come around to see that he was correct, and partly because he can be angry fucker and scary to boot, so EVERYTHING HE SAID IS CORRECT, in particular about the Mike Watt pick, [...]


Sure At the Drive-In would be fun to see if I were going to Coachella. I’m not. But the reunited Pulp, the reunited Madness, the reunited Black Sabbath (who were maybe possible supposed to play it but are not, unfortunately for a real bad reason: Iommi has cancer) don’t do much for me. This does [...]

Keep Barrel Rollin, Rollin…: Star Fox 64 3D Review (3DS)

I have a deep dark secret. Multiple in fact that keep awake at night, haunted by the ghosts of dead…well never mind, the point is I never played Star Fox on the SNES nor did I ever play Star Fox 64. In fact the only Star Fox game I had previously played was Adventures on [...]


fIREHOSE rEUNION? Say it is so. According to Verbicide Magazine, Watt, Hurley and Ed will be getting together for a show in LA. Hopefully, they will play a show on the East Coast (preferably NYC, but I’d drive to Boston or Philly or DC if need be).  

Live Stream Test, Take 355

Not too bad, new mic cables working pretty good

3 Quick Writing Bursts About the Last Few Weeks

I call these writing bursts because I don’t think they can really be classified as anything other than that. They can barely be classified as writing, but hey it’s my website. Just the Beginning: All the people I thought I left behind Are now light years in front of me If maturation is a chimera [...]