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Ma Bell Silenced…Still

Finally, A Practical Use for the Kinect

The kinect on a shopping cart for use in Whole Foods. Next, Battle Bots…

It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were forced to do a dance minigame

So in post from io9 of an off screen video taken by I got my first taste of “Kinect Star Wars” beyond the Jedi battle mode. When shown at E3 over the last couple years it seemed well OK. Since the dawn of motion controlled games I think many nerds like me has held [...]

Song of the Day: Fucked Up! – Son the Father

This is one of those songs I like to start the day with. Blows out all the cobwebs and broken dreams left over by the night, it makes the sun rise sometimes. Or maybe I’m just high. Father, father, come see what I’ve built Made civilization out of the Nile silt, Built your monuments out [...]

Song of the Day: Todd Sndier – Lookin’ for a Job

In honor of looking for another new job, here’s some Todd Snider reminding us all that we’re never stuck in the place we think we’re glued to Lyrics: you can’t talk to me like that boss I don’t care who you are if you don’t want to have to hang your own dry wall don’t [...]

The best content in life is free but you can save it for DLC: The DLC Quest Review

As Discussed in the previous episode of the Griefed Podcast DLC is part of the gamer’s life now. Love it or hate it many of us ask ourselves everyday “is this complete?” The games we buy sometimes feel piecemeal, codes inundate us when we purchase new games. The marketplace online is packed with cosmetics, guns, [...]

Lana Del Rey done better by people other than Lana Del Rey

Who would have thunk a song called “Video Games” would have fans turn into songs really related to video games? Kotaku over the last week or so has posted links to some great takes on Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.” The video up top comes from Jenny Bede who channels Del Rey into a forlorn [...]

Killzone 3 multiplayer going standalone, free to play for a bit

  According to the Official Playstation Blogcast Episode 013 this week those of you who just want to play multiplayer and don’t want to bother with “stories” and the such are in luck. This Tuesday Killzone 3 multiplayer will go free to play until a level cap. Then after that as reported by Joystiq there [...]

Happiness is a bajillion warm guns: Dubsteppy goodness in the new Borderlands 2 trailer

  Gearbox knows what we want from more Borderlands; we want guns and a lot of them. In this pretty awesome trailer get to see the new characters Salvatore, Mara, Axton and Zero  killing a whole lot of dudes and being rewarded with loot. The updated old classes and skill trees look pretty interesting as [...]

Song of the Day: Wussy – This Will Not End Well

Live from an RV, the way only Wussy can do it. Mother-daughter banquet at the Bethel Baptist Church. You forgot her. That was bad, but I did something worse. Bitter memories will lessen as you live. “Bygones are bygones,” she says as she forgives,   But I can tell this will not end well.   [...]