Monthly Archives: March 2012

New Song Saturday: The Wasteland: A Lullaby

Three Saturdays in a row. I have no idea what to do next week. You may be able to tell from the title of the song and the poorly photoshopped official concept art that this weeks song is about Fallout 3, or just the Fallout universe in general. It’s pretty bad. But if you’re still [...]

Oh Friday: Daniel Johnston – Living Life

Adam’s back! It’s been a tough ride without him for the last few weeks, but any post from his is always a great time for SWR, particularly when he posts new shit I hadn’t heard about before. It’s Friday, and for most of the working world this will be the last day of our arduous, grotesquely mundane work [...]

Maybe this is it! New song from Mission of Burma

Burma years are the best years. We’ve had three Burma years in the last decade: 2004, 2006, 2009. Two thousand and twelve is a Burma year. The record is called Unsound and comes out in July on Fire Records (not Matador: I’m sure the band has their reasons and they are good ones). The first [...]

Thursday Hurtsday: Daniel Johnston – Grievances

Song of the Day: Daniel Johnston Grievances

Griefed! Podcast #10: Licensed Games

Join Alex and Tigs as they tackle Licensed Games, Silent Hill, Out There Somewhere, Stealth Bastard, games that bring Alex shame, Tony Hawk and a whole bunch more than I cannot for the life of me remember, this week on Griefed! Recorded on March 28th 2012 and featuring the shitty song Talking to People Scares the Shit out of Me by yours truly.

Almost Forgot it was a New Day! Aphex Twin – Donkey Rhubarb

Oh right, song of the day! Forgot about that, sorry to um…is anyone reading this? Probably not. It was a long night, a long start to the day, and the day is just crawling. At least the sun isn’t out anymore making me jealous of the trees. Good ol’ Aphex Twin, clears the cache if [...]

Griefed Interviewcast – Pwnee Studios on Cloudberry Kingdom

Join Alex and Tigs as they sit down with Jordan and Michael from Pwnee Studios to hear about their upcoming platformer Cloudberry Kingdom.

Does it hold up? Bully and The Bourne Conspiracy

                      Since getting hacked a week ago I haven’t had a credit card to buy new games. Thus leaving me to dive back into my back catalog of random purchases through the years, some of which got little love. I found two such games the [...]

Tuesday Morning Tunes: Plastic People of the Universe – Toxika

I’m relatively sure this track is labeled as Toxic Chemicals if you were to check the track listing on your copy the LP or limited run CD Egon Bondy’s Happy Hearts Club Banned. If you have never heard PPU before Egon Bondy… was their first real studio album, and obviously a play on the Beatles Sgt Pepper, and probably the [...]

Griefed! Interview-cast with Against the Wall Creator Michael P Consoli

Join us for a discussion with Against the Wall ( creator Michael Consoli chats with us for a little while about his game, others he’s been playing, music he’s been listening to while programming, alien panthers, his Kickstarter, GDC, the upcoming PAX, the subtly differences between human hermaphrodites (if they can be called that, listen to find out why!) and hermaphrodites of other species, along with a whole bunch more! Recorded on March 26th 2012 and featuring the song Kioko by Modern Major Generals. Apologies about the poor sound quality at times.