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iPad Sketches #1: X Men at the End of the World

Adam has all the fun, and talent, when it comes to drawings and sketches here on SWR, but today that all changes! Now I’m having fun too! This was just a stupid doodle I did on the train ride home last night. I like the title X Men at the End of the World, I [...]

Griefed! Podcast #14: SEX (in video games)

Join Alex and Tigs as they turn the lights down low, open a bottle of wine and discuss sex in games, Say Anything, TLC, Fez, The Witcher 2, The Walking Dead, Legends of Grimrock and things get REAL weird on this episode of Greifed! Recorded on April 25th 2012 and featuring the song Tigs Clapping One by Lightning Crabs.

Walk This Way – Walking Dead Episode 1 Review

  It seemed last year that Telltale Games may have lost some of their goodwill by releasing Jurassic Park which was for the most part lukewarmly received by critics and fans. They shifted their style for that from the classic Telltale adventure game format which has made their Sam and Max seasons as well as [...]

Lush Life: The Willowz – We Live on Your Street

Fuck it, I’m too hungover: The ivy on the wall is getting thicker The ivy on the wall is getting thicker You don’t take your pills they gonna get you The ivy on the wall is getting thicker Who do you think you are? We live on your street Who do you think you are? [...]

Cleansing Fire, Purifying Water: The Beach Boys – The Elements Suite (Mrs O’Leary’s Cow / I Love to Say Da Da)

How was everyone’s weekend? I was pretty much in bed until Sunday. With the exception of heading out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night, to a swanky taco bar. The kind of taco bar where I got weird looks for wearing  a shirt with a ninja turtle on it when the rest of [...]

Celebrate the Holiday with ShortWave: The Party’s Over

Thanks everyone for hanging out with us today, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we have. So to end off the day, a little Willie Nelson because every great day ends with a little Willie Nelson. Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend! Come back real soon! Or don’t leave, you don’t have to. [...]

Celebrate the Holiday With ShortWave: A Couple of Classics

One post left to go after this! You know who I’m saving for last. There were a lot more bands I wanted to post but alas we have just about run out of time, so I decided to make a bigger post highlighting a few. Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and Guitar Wolf. Naturally.

Celebrate the Holiday with ShortWave: George Clinton

Ah it’s been a good day, I hope you’ve had fun. The day is almost at a close, but not quite yet. There are still a few posts to go! So, lets FINALLY get to George Clinton and P-Funk. I know you’ve been waiting.

Celebrate the Holiday With ShortWave: Bob Marley

Of course we were going to post some Bob Marley. And with the day winding down it’s about damn time! Some of these videos I may have actually posted last year…

Celebrate the Holiday With ShortWave: MXC

Just. Hysterical.