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A Little More Baklava: Zorba and the Greeks – Shockwave

This tune…man. You think you know what it’s about. Then the drums kick in. It’s the kind of song I would expect to hear over a gun fight, or a training montage. It has that kind of range. The wispy guitar work transports me to the top of a building swaying in the wind, the [...]

A Double Dose Because I Missed a Post!

Sorry! I missed yesterday because I’m an idiot. But I’m making up for it with two classics. First, up above, is the Beach Boys Surfin’ Safari. Below one of the finest songs ever, and Richard Meltzer’s thesis subject, The Trashmen’s Sufin’ Bird. Ride the (Short) Wave!

Griefed! Podcast #23: Peripherals!

Join Alex and Tigs as they discuss peripherals, Hot Shots Golf, The Amazing Spiderman, Spec Ops: The Line, plenty of obscure, weird tangents and more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on June 27th 2012.

The Pink Elephant in the Room: Jim Doval and the Gaucho’s – Beattle Rule

I wanted the song Pink Elephant performed by Jim Doval and the Gaucho’s that I recently heard on Surf Creature Vol 1, but couldn’t find it online. Then I came across this equally incredible instrumental track. Playing like the soundtrack to your favorite 60′s beat spy movie. Dig the horns but trip on the slick [...]

Surf and Destroy

Instead of a single song today we will be showcasing a bunch of songs by The Trashwomen, originally put together for one show of only The Trashmen covers. Only the guitarist knew how to play her instrument three weeks before the concert. Formed in 1991 as part of the Surf Rock revival of the early [...]

The Tricky Part About It Is…

Finding all the songs I want to post! I went through a list before I was finally able to locate one on youtube. Guess I’ll have to start making some videos and posting them to finish out this sure-to-become-an-overstayed-welcome but for now everything is Rad with a capital R (if you missed it). From the [...]

It’s Not Just Because of the Title of the Song, I Swear

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect the Summer of the Wave to last this long and it’s only been 3 days. Of course we haven’t made it to the first weekend yet, but that will be (as they say) “the true test.” With the weekend upon us though we’re gonna sit back and chill with [...]

I do have a second television, it’s for video games.

We interrupt the surfdom with a little woodblockin’ tape loopin’ off-timin’ Mission of Burma!!!! We posted track 1, “Dust Devil” from the very soon to be released Unsound a few weeks back. Here’s track 5, a Clint Conley fuckin gem. July 10, get here you stupid sonofabitch.  

The Red Monkey Did It!

Good morning wave riders, it’s a beautiful hot one today in NYC. How do you like to start your day? With a little surf rock keyboard maybe? This one is by group The Green Hornets, who are tough to find anything about on the webernets. You can find this track on Locked In To Surf [...]

Griefed! #22: Pinball

Join Alex and Tigs as they discuss all things pinball, Plague Inc, Gravity Rush, Pinball Arcade Vita, Steel Battalion, True Lies, the history of mobile games and more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on June 20th 2012.