2012’s 2011 Album of the Year: Heavy Times – Jacker

Heavy Times - Jacker album cover

I first heard about Heavy Times through a well written article on an otherwise small and shitty music site. Since then I haven’t stopped listening to Jacker, with more playtimes this year than most of the albums that you’ll read about throughout the awards. Of course Jacker also has the luxury of being about 22 minutes long. It’s non stop from the moment it opens, scathing at times, funny at others, I only wish that they’re follow up 7″, I’m Single, had the same force and intensity. Raw is putting it rather simply, it’s like lighting a fuse because there is a plethora of fireworks and explosives at the other end ready to make incredible noise and intense colors but that’s all frosting because you’re there just to watch everything burn.

Recommended Track: Skull Hair

Runner Up: Mekons – Ancient & Modern