3 Quick Writing Bursts About the Last Few Weeks

I call these writing bursts because I don’t think they can really be classified as anything other than that. They can barely be classified as writing, but hey it’s my website.

Just the Beginning:
All the people I thought I left behind
Are now light years in front of me
If maturation is a chimera
I’ve wasted so much time, hiding cowardly in the weeds
An old spark reignited in the rain
Unknowingly shows me all the strength that I need
I strap on my gear and face the monster head on
Start by killing this plague that’s been lingering over me

Inside the Garden:
I came by to visit you the other day
You were asleep, I woke you up, you couldn’t remember my name
Neil Diamond dancing in the background
You said you liked his sound
Lunch was good, you couldn’t eat another bite
And your dead mother and sisters visited you last night
I asked you what you thought of Neil’s suit
There was a familiar stench of misery and medicinal root
You said his suit and sound were a travesty
And that they hadn’t fed you in days
Your eyes closed abruptly as your fell back asleep
I kissed your head, I’ll be back later this week

Coarse hairline
Cigarette swigging down
Underneath the tall trees
Where play is out of bounds
Deep anxiety turns to rage, then to disappointment
Misunderstanding leads me back to anxiety
If I could break out of they cycle
I’d do it today
Fall back into it merrily
If you said it was okay
It doesn’t matter who crosses the line first
When everyone else quit the race