A Bit of Ketchup (Part 2): All the Way Home: White Lung – Sorry

An excerpt from the original blog post I never published:

Alex and I then decided to brave the “mean” streets of Boston, two geeky New Yorker’s in our rival city looking for a bar that would accept us one tic after midnight. So we went to the first place we saw, after deciding that going to 7-11, buying booze and drinking it in our hotel room was not what we came to PAX to do. We would do that 2 hours later, instead, under much different and impaired circumstances. It’s not quite Lovecraftian, but in some instances that was not too far off.

What is it about Canada? They will be featured twice on this ketchup retrospective list, and they’ve already gained the good graces of us (read: me) here at SWR with bands like METZ and Japandroids placing high on my year end list. Did I ever post that? I’ll post it before (read: after, probably long after) I post this, but know that I’m writing this first. Heavy (read: Not very heavy).

These four Vancouverites get it. IT. What ever the fuck IT is, and where ever IT’s going. 10 songs in 20 minutes, which will fly by faster than you can say, “10 songs in 20 minutes,” to twist your head around with their aural surgery. I’m ashamed I missed this album last year and it is currently the front runner for 2013’s 2012 Album of the Year by miles. Fronted by psuedo celebrity, prominent writer and all around Riot Grrl (that’s a thing you can still call people right?) Mish Way who brings intensity so natural you’ll swear she’s chewing glass on stage for fuel, because that makes sense. The vehemence never breaks, the never breaks fluidity, rolling back and forth like waves in a tsunami. Honestly, reading this will probably take you longer than listening to the record. So quit reading this and listen to the album embedded right below.