A Good Month to be Alive (and in the city)

August is here. Finally. My favorite month of the year and surely to be the best month of this year of the RAT, 2008. It’s gonna be hot and the days are gonna crack open and piss lightning. I love it. And guess what? There’s music that can live up to it. Are you going to all of these shows coming up?? Is anybody out there? Well, probably not, but I will ramble on anyways. Tigs is behind me now with a very big and intimidating rifle pointed at the back of my head. He’s screaming at me “GET GOING YOU ASSHOLE!” Well, I am going to get going and get dancing- this August. The whole thing is in motion in my mind, I’ve just gotta run with it.

Here we go.

Tonight SATURDAY AUGUST 2 is going to be this:

MONOTONIX- the best live band I have ever seen ever. They will tear your skin off.

…along with this (for FREE they say but we shall see):

it’s happening in Brooklyn off the Myrtle Ave Stop on the JMZ trains. I say that more to remind myself how to get there than to help you out with finding the place. It’s at a place in Bushwick called the Bodega. A crazy psych loud steve buscemi’s son?’s band called Fiasco is playing as well.

TOMORROW, AUGUST 3 is going to be this:

King Khan and the Shrines and the Black Lips and Deerhunter @ McCarren Park Pool at 2 O clock.

Monday, please join me for this show which is sure to be the best of the year:

King Khan and the BBQ Show playing an Anniversary for the Back from the Grave Compilations.

Wow, I ran out of time on my break for this whole August preview thing. Man, I guess just go buy a Rolling Stone for the rest of the Summer Concerts. Nah, they might not have the Radiohead show at Liberty State Park next Friday and Sat August 8 and 9 in there, it’s kind of a small show. Well, nothing to download and nothing to take from this. I just wanted to post something to prove I existed, thanks for taking part if you read this. You have made me breathe another day.



(reviews and maybe some boots of the next 3 days’ shows coming soon)