A Hepster Could Kill a Motherfucking Hipster


“I never forgave Alan Marshall after that, or Cab Calloway, either, for saying the shit that he said in that article. Those things cost us all pain and suffering. A lot of people he talked about never recovered from what he said, because he was very popular back then and everybody listened to what he said.”

-Miles Davis on Cab Calloway

Man! What a quote! Not really, though. It’s not that important, but it does fit this occasion. And this occasion is all that matters. I’m reading Miles by Miles Davis. My big post on it is soon to come, and let me tell you, that shit is a motherfucker. Miles hated Cab Calloway because he thought he was an Uncle Tom- smiling and bending over for the white folks- the same thing he thought about Louis Armstrong and to some small extent, his friend Dizzy.

Miles from the grave is turning me onto all sorts of new, to me, shit.  One thing I found while I was checking out people he talks about (to get their side, too maybe) was this dictionary. Cab Calloway calls it the Hepster’s Dictionary and it’s fucking interesting. Miles explains a lot of these words in the book, too, but some are weird as hell. For a white motherfucker like myself, I should probably stay away, but I can’t help it.

So don’t be an icky, this is solid murder for those fuckos who like gut-bucket sounds. Alright, fucko is my word, but I’m bringing it all together. I’m bringing it all together and stomping on graves in the process. Or dancing. Maybe a little bit of both, the times have changed.