Adam Gets Modern and Paranoid

Imaginary Icons Vivian Girls Awesome Color Cake Shop 9-19-08

I’ve never been against iPods as many of my friends would tell you. I’m more against headphones in general. I believe music should be played loudly out loud so the neighbors can listen too. Why not spread the joy of Slayer to the entire Bronx? I don’t own an iPod and I don’t know much about new TV shows, which makes me a luddite, as Tigs calls me, or a Lufid, as I called myself, thinking that was the word for Luddite after my retired cop sociology teacher called me one 4 years ago. I misheard him, I have bad eardrums. But since Tigs has been recording a lot of shows, I wanted to do one on my own so I borrowed his iPod and mic attachment and went to the Imaginary Icons, Vivian Girls and Awesome Color at the Cake Shop last Friday night.

Here we go. The thing only works if you have the backlight turned off because when the mic is going it wont turn off. So I had to use my cellphone light to see what I was doing (who’s a luddite now, bitches?). So I’m juggling an iPod and a cellphone throughout the show. That wasn’t too bad. The bad part was this: the mic attachement has a red light that glows to let you know its recording. Seemingly nice feature. Not for me. Cake Shop isn’t very big and the audience area is very narrow. When the Vivian Girls got on, it was more packed than I’ve ever seen any of these Manhattan basement venue shows. (Lit, Midway, etc.) As soon as they got on, the 10 people in front of me all turned around at the exact same moment and starting staring at me. Cursed red dot! Then I realized there’s a TV set directly behind my head and they wanted to see the Vivian Girls because it was almost impossible from 10 feet and 50 people back. So I start getting a little nervous. I got a few weird looks, but nothing big. The Vivian Girls drew the biggest crowd by far. I loved their show. They have come a long way since I last saw them a year ago with King Khan. They are still fuzzy and very sweet. That’s the best way I can describe them.

Then Awesome Color came on and I wasn’t sure if I was going to record it. The main reason I came was for the Vivian Girls. So instead of fumbling with my cellphone light I decided to go upstairs, take a look at Jad Fair’s cutout art (which is on exhibition all this month at the Cake Shop- check it out) and turn the recorder on first then walk downstairs. What a stupid idea! I tried hiding the red light against my shirt, but it made the whole shirt glow. I tried to avoid eye contact, but these people were on to me. I felt like a narc. When I finally got back downstairs, I made Evelyn get in front of me so she could block some of the red. (“Please just stand in front of me.” “No, that’s weird.” “Just do it” “Do you want me to hold that thing?” “No”) You will notice the fading in and out of Derek’s insane guitar solos. That’s me dodging looks and hiding behind Evelyn’s head. At one point, these two guys kept talking and pointing at me no matter how much I used Evelyn as a shield. I was back in Middle School again. I started sweating so much I thought I would get Tigs’ iPod soaked and the screen would turn all rainbowy like an old calculator. It didn’t and the shows came out pretty good. Vivian Girls are hard to record because they have reverbed to to the max vocals and very fuzzy guitars. Awesome Color came out better.

So here it is. My first recording. My heart was overworked and my shirt was sweated through, but I got the show. And I also proved I can make it in the modern age! Sort of.

Thanks Evelyn for protecting me from the evil hipster eyes. Thanks Tigs for letting me use your stuff. You can do the next show, and the one after that and after that…



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  1. Hahahah, oh adam….don’t worry. It sounds awesome and if the cops come lookin for you, I’ll point them in the wrong direction (towards pete).

    – Tigs

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