Adam Interlude Pt 5 (SketchPad Version #3 (Shotgun Jellyfish Part A))


Hey Tigs. Excellent work. I haven’t even gotten thru all the videos yet. ┬áHere’s another sketch. This one is stick man shooting a jellyfish on a beach. I think stickman represents myself, the shotgun represents a shotgun and the jellyfish represents the tireless turning of the world on its silly little axis.

These are all from my little 5.5″ x 8.5″ sketch pad I’ve been doodling in lately. I’m not gonna post my series of faux-propoganda sketches that read: “Do Your Neighbor A Favor, Kill A Senator” for fear that the MAN might be an avid reader of this here Short Wave Rockin and come and find me and put me in a chokehold. On that note, and on other notes that are played really fucking fast like the speed of buckshot flingin out of a single-barrel on a beach, I say goodnight. Good day. A good fucking day.