A Bit of Ketchup (Part 1): FIDLAR’s Self-titled Debut

I had written a whole expose on PAX East and split it up over 6 album posts, the 6 albums I had been obsessively listening to over that weekend and since then. However I decided that, well, the story is kind of boring and it’s only interesting to Alex and myself. I listened to the album more than anything else that entire weekend. If I wasn’t listening to it, I was thinking about playing it. If I wasn’t playing it I was singing from it. If I wasn’t singing from it, I was singing Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, for who the fuck knows why.

These California skate punk stoners put out the album I was waiting for anyone to put out when I was in High School. From the opening Trashmen reference of Cheap Beer to the “hidden” track at the end of Cocaine that I have been referring to as More Cocaine, this album is jovial, the way you feel when you’re 16. It’s the “fuck it nothing can happen to me attitude so I can do and say what I want” aspect that makes this album so fresh. They’re excited to be sharing with you, but they’re not interested in your shit either. Mantra: Wake Bake Skate.

Check out the song No Waves from their self titled debut album below. Also check out the rest of the album:

Post 1 finally finished. Look for more soon.