Am I The Computer or the Virus?

While this is nothing new, the spiritual sequel to REZ entitled Child of Eden is coming out in a few months and I’m fucking excited. For someone that lost weeks of his life staring at the insanity that was REZ, I can’t wait to see what this next iteration comes up with. And I will have to buy the Kinect now, sadly, but that’s fine because I’m psyched for the game. You can check out the song that’s been released from EDEN here:

It’s super tranc-y/electro-popish, so if that’s your thing go for it. If you played REZ you’ll no doubt recognize a whole lot of sounds, which is why I’m still listening to it. Anyway, check out the main EDEN site and upload a “happy” picture and have it be in the final level of the game!! (my new dream):