Another Old Song: Halo 3

Remember this one!?!? Back when I actually believed I could sing and play guitar, oh how wrong I was. The day Halo 3 came out I decided to do a live stream of my playing through the whole game on the old site starting at around 1am when I returned home from the midnight sale. No sleep necessary, went through the game, writing down shit that was happening, finished the game, wrote all the music, got the lyrics down, went over to apt A1 (where Pete and Adam were living at the time), did a live stream of me playing the song from there which only Evelyn watched, went home, recorded the song and then preformed it the next day at an open mic/acoustic coffee house at MC, all because Andrew Dunn told me I had to finish the game in one sitting and then write a song about it. This one is for you, Dunn.

Halo3 by Johnny Tigs