I don’t care if no one is reading. I don’t care if I am screaming at no one. This band fucking rocks. Ape City R&B. I’ve got 4 songs (3 of which you can get at the bands myspace) and they are the only 4 songs I have ever heard of this band. I’d like it if they came to new york because that would be wonderful.

To describe to you the music would be completely ridiculous. Yet I will. No offense to 2 man bands out there, or 1 man 1 woman bands, most of these bands try too hard to make a lot of noise, and can only accomplish it in the studio with 6 or 8 fucking tracks of music. Can you play bass, three guitars, an accordion and bagpipes at the same time on stage Jack White? No?- Go fuck yourself. Ape City R&B is at the core of what rock n’ roll is and should be about- fast, loud, hard and without any of the bullshit most rock bands are all about today.

Ape City R&B – Four Songs

I found one more song

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  1. Hi man, I’m one of the Get off my elevator’s guys, nice blog…
    Listen, do you have by chance the “Across the river demo/bootleg”?
    I’ll link you on the blog…

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