Are We Getting Older?

That was some deep ass shit, Adam. It’s definitely stuck with me since I read it. After my tirade I felt pretty bad about it and I couldn’t really figure out why. Maybe it was a little too mean or something, but I think it comes down to what you were saying, “you are not what you know.”

I had a similar experience last night, and I’m gonna assume that it was because of your post that this happened. Sometimes I’ll tend to create situations in my head and become upset and worked up over them even though they haven’t happened and probably never will. These moments happen rather often, or were for a while, and usually they start as a way for me to calm myself down but instead, and usually pretty quickly, flip on me and turn into an anxiety ridden fit. Until last night I had a brief moment of clarity during one of these. In this moment, as my blood pressure rose, I had a Luke Skywalker moment. Yeah that’s right, this is going towards Star Wars, but I’m dead serious. And while this story might be funnier for someone a decade or so younger, for me it’s just sad.

Anyway, in this moment of clarity Ben Kenobi, voiced Alec Guinness,  started to speak to me, he told me “Do not let yourself be consumed by the dark side.” At this point the Emperor started to talk to me repeating, “join us.”

I know this sounds like I’m making fun or not taking this seriously, but this is literally the moment I had.

I then heard Ben Kenobi again “Hate is the path to the dark side.” And it all seemed so clear. There no reason to have a petty squabble, there’s not reason to hold a grudge, there’s not reason to judge anyone, particularly those who are judgmental. Let it all go, as they say.

It seems rather natural the Adam would have an intellectual and personal discovery while I just start hearing lines from Star Wars in my head to arrive at a similar conclusion. I suppose that readily defines the people we are.

I’m not expecting anyone to fall in line with this, I’m not even asking you to, all I’m asking is to checkout this Todd Snider story and tune: