As My Guitar Wails and Screams: Marnie Stern’s Marnie Stern

I’m a huge fan of Marnie Stern’s first album In Advance Of A Broken Arm, but sort of fell off the wagon after her second release. I don’t know what it was but I listened once or twice and put it away for good. Or I though I had anyway. That seems to be happening a lot. I’m going to have to give the second album another listen after her 3rd album, Marnie Stern, has totally won me over and charmed me in ways I never thought an album could or should.
First, if you’re not with the notion that women can rock insanely hard because you somehow decided to just skip over Sleater Kinney, L7, Bikini Kill (to name a few from the 90’s since I haven’t progressed past there in my mind) and a whole fucking list of others I can’t remember while riding the train right now, not to mention completely looking past Wata (for shame), then maybe you should wake the fuck up and start listening because this is music that will blow your mind away. Some people don’t seem to like female vocalists a whole lot either, which I don’t really understand so I’m not going to defend it, but to those people I also say WAKE THE FUCK UP, same advice as before.
Marnie Stern plays the guitar, no…Marnie Stern shreds the guitar in ways no one else can. If you haven’t heard her before then about 15 seconds into the new album and you’ll be hooked with your jaw sitting on the floor as you drool all over the sounds of Marnie’s guitar. It’s much more than the intense speed at which she can finger tap pitch perfect solos without breaking a sweat, it’s more than her voice which compliments her guitar playing as well as bacon compliments me. It’s the fun that you can hear her having, fun while playing, fun while singing, and her band is top notch, keeping up with her for every one of the notes, going off on their own to create a whirlwind of noise that can only be experienced and back to form on a dime.
Sad to say I don’t know as much about her band as I do her. She always seems to be the one getting attention but there’s only so much one can do on their own. Her band is incredible, to say the least, and you get the feeling listening to them that they’ve been playing together for a long time, old pals from grade school who still lover making music together. But I have no idea.
Did anyone notice how fucking cold it was this morning? I was freezing my ass off outside and then it started to fucking rain. AGAIN. When the fuck will this crazy fucking weather end? At least the sun is out now. Then again it is October. Isn’t it?
Most math rock bands will leave listeners outside with they’re style but Marnie Stern is inviting and warm to listen to. It’s not scary, she isn’t looking to exclude anyone because who likes that? And it isn’t overly obtuse that it’s difficult to enjoy. It’s more like mathpop.  It’s happy while still keeping and overhanging fear of darkness. Just the right album to end a cold day. I’ll be saying at a lot now a days.