Before the Lights


Maybe it’s the haunted house I’m in but I find myself having little to no desire to listen to any rock music, which was a big chunk of what I used to listen to. I think it’s the shit head ghosts. You know the type; they have absolutely no talent, skills, or creativity but they find the need to shit on everything, particularly other peoples opinions because they have the intelligence and maturity of a 7 year old. It’s impossible to have a different view on anything other than their pretentious, dumb shit, loser, asshole, two bit, dime-store Christgau’s uninformed, uneducated opinions. These cock hammers claim to know more about music then anyone else on the planet, yet they wouldn’t be able to distinguish Art Blakey from Art Farmer from Art Carney (drums, sax, and Ralph from The Honeymooners, respectively). Ghost annoyingly and blindly praise just about any new bullshit artist that is flavor of the week from pitchfork or some “hip” music aggregator.

I find it funny (and pathetic) how these elderly ghosts act. It’s literally like the comment section on a website (except on SWR of course). They bitch and moan about everything, they make outrageous claims with no facts to back them up,.

So am I doing the same thing right now (with the exception of steal your money, and now stealing your time instead)? I haven’t provided fact for anonymity purposes, I do bitch and moan about everything though. But is it enough to take the time out to realize this fact? Will this alone elevate one above the donkey fucking face shitters? No, if I’m willing to say all of this then I’m not better than them, I just have a level of recognition which may make it worse. But fuck them anyway. Honestly, if they’re willing to write off an album, any album, but for this example let us say the new Radiohead, after not even listening to it, call it garbage talk about how Radiohead¬† has lost “it” (and remember, this is coming from people who do not have “it” now, have never had “it,” will never have “it” and wouldn’t recognize “it” if “it” was fucking the ice cream machine at their mothers house on the dinner table during Thanksgiving) then I have no interest in their opinions, or them for the most part. I guess it’s unfair to say every ghost is like this, but it is more than half the one’s I’ve come in contact with.

Then again maybe it’s my fault, and I haven’t tried. However I do remember trying, trying to enjoy their company, trying to engage them in conversation, but it would always fall flat. I was talked over, ignored, and…you know what. Fuck it, there is no reason for me to not listen to anything because of them or else they have influenced me negatively, making this a positive rant for me to have finally sifted through my own bullshit to find this. Fuck these chimney sucking shit-bagging douche roaches. I’m done.